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Ironman South Africa 2017: Age Group Results and Kona ... It was a fast and competitive year at Ironman South Africa. Some of this can be attributed to course changes that have given a speed bump to the event in the last few years, and the African Championship has always been able to draw competitive age groupers thanks to its 75 Kona slots on offer. IRONMAN African Championship

Ironman South Africa 2018: Age Group Results and Kona Qualification The second Ironman of the year was the African Championship – Ironman South Africa. As a championship race it came with 80 slots for age group athletes, but drew a field of under 2,000 competitors. Ironman South Africa 2019 (April 7th) – Seedings | TriRating Kona slots and Prize Money IM South Africa has 2m+2f +2u Pro Kona slot(s). Looking at the bib list, it is like that the female Pros will get two Kona slots, while the males will get four. Ironman South Africa 2019: Age Group Results and Kona

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Olivier Godart nails his Kona slot | TriathlonWorld.com Olivier Godart nails his Kona slot. Luxembourg's Olivier Godart took his third 40 to 44 age group title at the Ironman African Championship in South Africa last weekend. Godart fills us in on his race and his upcoming training as he prepares for the Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Nice and the Ironman World Championship in Kona. IRONMAN 70.3 South Africa Known as one of the toughest IRONMAN 70.3 races in the world for its undulating, hilly bike course and challenging run course, the Standard Bank IRONMAN 70.3 South Africa has become one of the most popular races in South Africa. Described as an honest course, this race provides a true challenge of any athlete's abilities.

Qualifying Times (the last qualifying time to take a slot) and Slots by Age Group. For more, see our comprehensive analysis -- Qualify for Kona, Ironman Kona ...

blackjack when to hit and stand Ironman South Africa Kona Slots 2014 leaf green slots tips roulette gewinn bei zahl 0 IRONMAN Official Site | IRONMAN triathlon 140.6 & 70.3 IRONMAN African Championship South Africa ... There will be 80 qualifying Age Group slots for the 2019 IRONMAN World Championship on offer at ... KONA - Slot ...

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TriRating Thanks for visiting! South Africa Apr 7Results .... Kona slots and Prize Money. IM Brasil has ... Participants. The strength of the field is 29% of a typical Kona field. Two athletes die at Ironman South Africa | TriathlonWorld.com - go ... Apr 8, 2019 ... Two athletes died at the Ironman African Championship in South Africa. Photo > Tom ... Olivier Godart nails his Kona slot. Luxembourg's Olivier ... Race Preview: Ironman South Africa | Trizone Mar 25, 2017 ... Race Preview: Ironman South Africa ... Africa Championship to try and either cross the line, win, or qualify for one of 75 Kona slots up for grabs.

Age Group Results and Kona Qualification Ironman South Africa 2017:. From The Fans PARTNERS Facebook Activity loading tweets.. Typical age groups at an ...

I am competing in Kona this year but I didn’t qualify. I’m one of the 40 lucky winners of an entry slot for the 40 years of Kona. In fact, it will be my first IronmanTrainerRoad also kept me within my zones on easy days, tempo days and hard days. Being that I live in flat South Florida, TrainerRoad made it... Триатлон Кона - 2017 — TITAN Race | Статьи Что такое Кона IRONMAN 2017. Непосвященному человеку сложно понять, зачем тысячи людей съезжаются именно сюда, почему для многих это стало идеей всей спортивной карьеры.Путевки распределяются по слотам, каждый из которых дает право на визит. Ironman Triathlon - Wikipedia An Ironman Triathlon is one of a series of long-distance triathlon races organized by the World Triathlon Corporation (WTC), consisting of a 2.4-mile (3.86 km) swim, a 112-mile (180.25 km)... IRONMAN African Championship 2019 | Triit.ru

To secure his 2015 Kona slot he would only have to finish the race. But that’s not his character. The 2013 Ironman World Champion is confident to peak three times“I came to Africa to win, and I did. Even though I didn’t break the record, I am happy with a win for now. Next time I will take the record.” Ironman South Africa 2015 (March 29th) – Preliminary… This will be the first year that South Africa will be a Regional Championship. The automatic Kona slot for the winners, the large number of KPR points (it a P-4000 race now) and the increased prize purse of $150.000 has managed to attract a string field. Race registration is closed by now and while there... London's Premier Triathlon Club Ironman South Africa 2015… Ironman South Africa 2015. May 14, 2015.It was also my 5th realistic attempt at qualifying for Kona, and having missed out by 1 place at SA in 2013 (with a 9I hit the finish chute with what I have imagined for 5 years… a Kona slot in the bag and a clear red carpet with nobody chasing me down.